Friday, January 18, 2019

Meeting the Cares of the World

On Sunday we will be looking at Matthew 13:1-23. It is the well-known parable of the sower, or perhaps more accurately, the parable of the soils. In it Jesus emphasizes the reality that while the Word is sown consistently it produces differently based on the type of soil that it falls into. Primarily, it is an invitation to cultivate the good soil that will bear the greatest yield to God’s glory. Secondarily, it is a reminder that as we carry out our mission as Christ Church we interact with folks representing the different kinds of soils, which in turn requires different ministry approaches.

Below is an open letter from Robin Luymes on behalf of the deacons, highlighting an important ministry of Christ Church geared particularly at coming alongside those for whom the cares of the world (cf. Mt. 13:22) are choking out the Word. We are so grateful for the men and women of Christ Church involved in diaconal ministry through our DMTs (Diaconal Ministry Teams). Perhaps this piques your interest as a place to serve.

At a recent Deacons Meeting, the deacons of Christ Church discussed Pastor Andrew's recent sermon on 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 about God's utilization of his people for providing comfort and Paul's exhortations to generosity.

The reality is that Christ Church is amazing when it comes to the generosity of their financial and material resources. As deacons, we are faced with many needs emanating from within and outside our congregation, and we are almost always able to help with funds. It is a great privilege for the deacons to be entrusted with these funds to help those simply trying to make ends meet or others facing large, unexpected challenges. Being able to provide funds that help a person in need can be a great blessing, but the greater blessing comes when the financial gift comes with our personal time and attention.

Two years ago, we set out to create Diaconal Ministry Teams (DMTs) with four different focus areas: Finance & Personnel, Facilities, Congregational Care, and Community Care. 

These four teams, involving deacon leadership, were created to involve Christ Church members in diaconal ministries. We would like to invite Christ Church members to become actively involved in two of these: the Congregational Care and Community Care DMTs, providing leadership for and participation in addressing the needs of people within our congregation and within our broader community.

As a DMT member, you would probably participate in five or six meetings per year at which you would discuss how we proactively and reactively meet the needs of others. You might be asked to lead one portion of that DMT's practice, whether that be our involvement with an outside ministry like Grace's Table for young, unwed mothers, our support and coordination of visiting the sick and shut-ins, transportation needs to attend our church or go to medical appointments, and much more. If it is something that our church currently does or could do for an individual or group, it may be a ministry that one of these two DMTs will tackle.

You may not feel you have the time, but you probably do, and even if you can't always make it, the deacons would love to have you there from time to time. You may think it is hard work that you do not have the talent for, but you do. It just requires that you care for other people, and we know you do. You may think it's someone else's job, but you're wrong! It's a job we all share, and we are inviting men, women and young people of Christ Church to become involved in one of these teams! Please prayerfully consider becoming an active part of these diaconal ministries through our DMTs and, possibly, as a deacon.

If you feel that the Lord is calling you to get involved please feel free to contact any of our deacons. Thank you in advance for your generous response to this call to become actively involved in Christ Church's diaconal ministries through participation on a DMT.

On Behalf of the Deacons,


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