Friday, December 8, 2017

Praise God from whom all blessings trickle.

The Lord gave me a metaphor for my advent season --
a plumber unclogging my kitchen drain.

I rented a 25-foot snake to coil down the pipeline to loosen the clog, but I couldn't reach it. The clog-expert plumber had a 40-foot snake that reached all the way into the depths of the pipeline to breakup the blockage that had slowed the flow. Clean pipes. Full flow.

"Dear Heart-expert Lord, this advent season I want to receive the full flow of your blessings through Jesus the Savior. Please reach deep down into the places that I cannot reach and unclog my distracted and unattentive heart. Help me to receive your Word and the ministry of your Spirt, so that the Glory of Christmas flows through my heart. Amen."

Pastor Steve

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