Friday, February 26, 2016

Dancing in the Arms of the Trinity

Did you have your quiet time today? This is a question that we ask each other from time to time. It also can be a question that haunts us as we fall exhausted into bed after another busy day in which we did not have that quiet time.
The Scriptures remind us that we were made for communion with God. Adele Calhoun puts it this way: 
There is nothing more valuable, nothing more desirable, nothing more worthwhile and nothing more wondrous than the divine life of the Holy Three. From the beginning we were designed to be part of their divine community. We are not soul freelancers but beings created to dance in the arms of the Trinity. 
Of course, that fellowship was broken through the Fall and our “old man” still does not sit easy in that communion, even fighting against it. But restoring that communion is what the life, death and resurrection of Christ was all about! United to Him by faith we are again welcomed into the dance of the Trinity, welcomed in love, welcomed because we belong.
But therein lies our struggle. We struggle to believe that we do belong. We struggle to believe that we are loved. As a result our quiet times become less relational and more transactional. In other words we end up seeing our “quiet time” as a duty to be performed or a way to ensure that our day goes well and we get good stuff from God.
Bryan Chappell has a very helpful 5 minute clip here reminding us that prayer, scripture reading and other means of grace are just that -- means of grace, not means to grace. May the Holy Spirit help us all in receiving them as so.

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