Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Is it worth it? Getting up early.  Fighting the crowds. Dealing with low inventory.  All to save a few bucks? Maybe it is.  Whether it is or not, I do know that Black Friday has become a cultural phenomena.

Of course Christians recognize another Black Friday.  One on which the Son of God was hung from a cross and the sky went pitch black as the Father turned his back on his Son.  It was the Blackest of Fridays. Yet, that Black Friday was the very reason for which Jesus came to this earth. As we get ready to celebrate the King born in Bethlehem and laid in a manger, it is important to remember that behind the all the majesty and trappings of Christmas lies the ultimate Black Friday. This Sunday we will begin our Advent season, a season of expectation and longing, by looking at the anointing of King Jesus’ great ancestor, King David. You can read along in 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and Luke 2:1-7.

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